What is this about


Q: What’s with the blog name?

I just like a good pun. Also my favourite childhood book series was Artemis Fowl.

Q: What kind of bakes are on this blog?

I generally bake a lot of bread. I make the occasional cake, and ever since my friend gave me a free ice cream machine, I started making ice cream as well.

Food popular in Singapore tend to influence a lot of the stuff that I make, although given how modernised and Westernised Singapore is (along with the fact that I’m studying in the States and used to study in London) I make a lot of traditionally “Western” bakes as well.

Also the odd recipe from The Great British Bake Off (all hail Queen Mary).


Q: Who are you again?

I’m currently a biomedical PhD student in a small town in Minnesota! There isn’t much of a variety of food around here, which basically means if I’m craving something special I have to make it myself.

I’m originally from Singapore and did my undergraduate studies in London!


Q: Why are all your backgrounds black?

I’ve been using many different kitchens since I’ve moved around so much, so it adds a little bit of consistency between posts.

The real reason is that I’m too lazy to clean up my kitchen to look pretty. So I just erase the whole kitchen away.

Black also pairs well with any colour. Whether it be bread colour, cake colour, or ice cream colour.

Q: Why are there so many more bread recipes on this blog?

My family hates sweet things so if I make bread it actually gets finished. Eventually this means I became better at baking bread than other baked goods so there’s a little bit of positive feedback going on.

20160729_171704 copy

Q: What’s your favourite recipe on the blog?

Has to be the Pork Floss Buns recipe. They look kind of unassuming but they taste exactly like the bread you can find in Singapore, just hits that nostalgia button. And the bread’s so fluffyyyyy.

Generally as a category though I like to bake sourdough. I just feel a huge sense of accomplishment every time I finish making one, and they’re also easier to finish since I can actually eat it as part of a meal. They also freeze really well.